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(By Declan Quaile)

(First published in our Review 2009 journal)

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The precise origins of the Scottish Pentland family prior to their establishment at Blackhall remain obscure. A migration of some Pentland families from Scotland to Ireland occurred in the first quarter of the 17th century, where some settled firstly in Ulster, and then spread south as far as Dublin.

George Pentland (1770-1834) acquired property at Blackhall in the early 1800s and his descendants lived there until 1922 when his grandson George Henry Pentland (1849-1932) relocated to England. 

The genealogical and biographical notes below trace the Pentland family as they  became established at Blackhall in the 19th century:

George PENTLAND, from Co. Armagh, born c.1770. (See First Generation at Blackhall)

George Henry PENTLAND resided at Slane. Magistrate for the county of Louth in 1828.1

Henry PENTLAND, law agent & mayor of Drogheda in 1810.2 Died 9th October 1830, aged 58.3

Henry PENTLAND, born c.1803. Medical doctor. Resided at Kells, Co. Meath. Died at Queensboro, Drogheda on 31st May 1878 aged 75.4

Margaret PENTLAND, born c.1750. Married Joseph SHEKLETON in 1785. Died in 1834, aged 84 and was buried in St. Nicholas’ churchyard, Dundalk.

Robert PENTLAND, seller of grocery, wines and spirits, iron and commission business until August 1796, when he passed on the business to his son Henry PENTLAND.5 Probably the same Henry who was mayor in 1810 (see above).

BlackHall House c.1900
(photo courtesy of Clive Bagnell) 


First Generation at Blackhall


George PENTLAND: born c.1770, son of another George PENTLAND from Co. Armagh.6 Mother unknown. Was Solicitor for Excise in Dublin. He acquired properties at Jervis St. and Granby Row in Dublin and Cowslip Lodge at Bettystown, Co. Meath. (In more recent times Cowslip Lodge would become the Village Hotel at Bettystown.) George had also acquired a house and property at Blackhall from a Dublin solicitor Philip Pendleton around 1815.6a However based on birth and baptismal details all his recorded children were born/baptised either in Dublin or at Cowslip Lodge, which would seem to indicate that Blackhall was not George's principal residence.  Indeed as late as 1846, in Slater's Directory from that year, Blackhall is occupied by a Netterville family.
George was Mayor of Drogheda in 1815.He died at Granby Row, Dublin on 17th August 1834 and was buried in Termonfeckin cemetery.8

He married Mary MURRAY (c.1770-1832), daughter of James Murray of Dublin9 in c.1795 and had the following issue:


(i)    Robert PENTLAND baptised on 12th November 1797 in Dublin.10 Entered Trinity College, Dublin on 6th March 1815.11 He was High Sheriff of Louth in 182712 and was the penultimate Drogheda town recorder13 from 1831 until his death. Died on 6th September 1832 and was buried in Termonfeckin cemetery. Unmarried.   

(ii)  James Murray PENTLAND, born c.1799 in Dublin.14 Joined Royal Navy c.1812.15 As a young midshipman in 1815 he was part of the naval escort on the HMS Northumberland, which brought Napoleon Bonaparte to his final captivity on St. Helena island. James served on that island until 1818.16 He was noted at Newfoundland in July 1824 as a lieutenant in the Royal Navy on the HMS Sir Francis Drake.17 James died at Digoed, south Wales on 28th October 1871 and was buried in Cwmffrwd churchyard near Carmarthen.18

       He married firstly Anne TREMBLETT of St. John’s, Newfoundland on 3rd September 1824.19 Some time after their wedding they crossed the Atlantic and settled at Kidwelly on Carmarthen Bay in south-west Wales and had the following issue:

·         George (c.1830) and Fanny (1833).

       His wife Anne died on 6th December 1833.20 


       James married secondly Margaret MORGAN (c.1813-Jun 1891) of Llandyfaelog, Carmarthenshire on 28th April 1836 and had the following issue:

·         Augustus (c.1837)

·         Matilda (c.1838)

·         Robert (c.1840)

·         Florence (c.1844)

·         James (c.1846)

·         Margaret (c.1847)

·         Rhoda (c.1848)

·         Emily (c.1849)

·         Ann (1850)21

       The children from the first marriage resided with James’ second family. The Welsh census of 1851 shows the family living at Digoed, Llandyfaelog.

(iii)   Sarah PENTLAND baptised on 10th February 1799.22  Eldest daughter. Married Poole HENN, a customs officer in Drogheda, on 6th December 182123 and had issue, including:
        George Thomas HENN, born in Dublin on 20th Nov 1827. Emigrated to America and was killed during The Battle of the Wilderness in Virginia on 5th May 1864.
         William Poole HENN, died 21st March 1877 and buried in Mount Jerome Cemetery, Dublin. 
          Thomas Browne HENN, youngest son, died at Ballydonnell, Termonfeckin.
Poole Henn died at Mornington Glebe on 9th December 1839.24

(iv)   George H. PENTLAND, born 1800. (See Second Generation at Blackhall)

(v)   Emelia ‘Emily’ PENTLAND, baptised in Dublin on 14th November 1802.25 Noted as second daughter in her newspaper nuptial notice. Married Captain Charles THURSBY (1803- 26) of Abbington Abbey, Northampton on 26th December 182927 at Termonfeckin. They had one child:

·         Mary Maria28 who died on 30th May 1847 aged 15.29

        Emily died at Milverton, Warwickshire in 1875.30

(vi)   John PENTLAND baptised on 4th May 1804 in Dublin.31 He married Frances Jane Montgomery and had issue:
      Lucy, Minnie, Maria Frances, George, John, Francis & Augusta.
He died in Whitby, Ontario, Canada on 18th may 1871. 

(vii)  Maria PENTLAND, baptised in Dublin on 24th November 1805.32 Third daughter. Married Dr. Robert PENTLAND (1797-1873) who, for several decades was medical attendant to Drogheda gaol and surgeon to the County Infirmary. As well as medical doctor for the town of Drogheda he also held the office of County Inspector.33 They resided in Palace St., Drogheda and also had a residence at Beaulieu. Maria died at the residence of Dr. Henry Pentland of Maudlin St., Kells on 12th November 1876, aged 71, and was buried alongside her husband in St. Peter’s cemetery, Drogheda.34

       They had the following issue:

·      John Oriel, born on 23rd April 1828 and died, aged 19, on 25th February 1848.35

·         A daughter was born on 12th June 1830 but died on 13th December of the 
same year.

(viii)  William PENTLAND, born 21st September 1807 at Cowslip Lodge, Mornington, Co. Meath.36 He was a solicitor by profession and resided at Rutland Sq., Dublin. Married Rosa MONTGOMERY (1810-1886), eldest daughter of Rev. Alexander J. Montgomery of Beaulieu on 9th February 1832.37 Lived at Beaulieu for a time. No issue. He and Rosa emigrated to Australia in c.1853 and lived at Williamstown, Victoria. William died there on 16th September 1882 and was buried in Williamstown Lawn cemetery.38  Rosa died in 1886 and is buried alongside William.

(ix)   Matilda PENTLAND, baptised in Dublin on 8th May 1808.39  Fourth daughter of George Pentland. Married Rev. Thomas B. BRADY of Raheen, Co. Clare at Termonfeckin on 23rd January 183240 and had issue:

               John, Irby Henry, Matilda, Mary & Thomasina.

      Rev. Brady died at Raheen in 1858 while Matilda died in Limerick in March 1874.40a                                                            

(x)    Harriet PENTLAND, baptised in Dublin on 26th June 1809.41 Died suddenly at Bath, England in July 1824, aged 15.42

(xi)   Sophia Georgina PENTLAND, born c.1811. Youngest daughter. Married Dr. Henry PENTLAND of Kells, Co. Meath in December 1835.43 They had the following children:

·         Henry (b 1839)

·         Robert (b 1841)

·         Sophia (b 1844)

·         Emily (b 1846)

·         Sarah Francis (b 1849)

·         John Oriel (1851-1919)

·         Matilda Elyzabeth (1853-1880)

·         Marie (Minie) (? -1873),

·         Owen.

(xii)  Augustus PENTLAND, born 31st December 1813. Attended King’s Inns College, Dublin.44 His profession was Barrister-at-Law. Married Bedelia (Bidsey) GUBBINS (1811-1895) of Kenmare Castle on 22nd April 1843.45 Resided at Ryland, Co. Wexford. No issue. Augustus died on 17th July 1854 and was buried at Kilrush cemetery, Co. Wexford.46



Second Generation at Blackhall


George Henry PENTLAND, born 3rd June 1800.47 Mayor of Drogheda in 1835.48 He was Justice of the Peace for the counties of Louth and Meath and High Sheriff of Louth. Noted as being resident at Esthwaite Lodge, Hawkshead, Lancashire in 1871 with his wife and daughter Marguerite.49 Owner of 700 acres of land in the townlands of Blackhall, Curstown and Milltown in 1876.50 He also inherited land from his father at Pollbrock, Stabannon, Co. Louth.51

George Henry Pentland died at Blackhall on 25th June 188252 and was buried in Termonfeckin cemetery.

Major Richard Chaloner Lindsey (above) married Florence Pentland in 1856. Following his death in 1875 he was buried in Termonfeckin cemetery. (Photo courtesy of Amy Hageman)


George Henry married Rebecca BRABAZON (1797-184453), eldest daughter of Wallop Brabazon of Rath House, Termonfeckin on 22nd January 182754 and had issue, a daughter:

(i)    Florence PENTLAND, baptised in Dublin on 6th February 1833.55 She married Major Richard Chaloner LINDSEY (died in 1875) of Wilfort, Tuam, Co. Galway, in Dublin on the 8th October 1856.56 He was a member of the Bengal Staff Corps in India. The Lindseys lived occasionally at Blackhall in the 1860s and 1870s, in particular when George Henry Pentland and family resided temporarily in England. Florence and Richard had issue, one son and three daughters:

  • Samuel William, born in Dinapore, India in 1860. Known to family as Willie.
  • Florence Margarite, born in Dinapore, India on 30th March 1864.57 
  • Sophia Sidney Rebecca, born at Blackhall on 13th April 1868.58
  • Ms ? Lindsey, born at Queensboro, Drogheda on 23rd May 1869.59

       Following Rebecca’s death in October 1844 George married secondly Sophia Mabella MONTGOMERY (c.1816-1897), daughter of the Rev. Alexander J. Montgomery of Beaulieu, on 6th October 184660 and had the following issue:


(ii)    Marguerite Jeanne PENTLAND, born at Beaulieu on 16th July 1847.61 Second daughter. Married Bryan Padgett GREGSON (1841-1901), a sawmill proprietor, of Caton, Lancashire on 15th October 1873 and had issue, including:

·   Bryan (1875).62

       Marguerite died at Bath, England on 5th March 1919 and was buried at Claverton churchyard in the city.63

(iii)   George Henry PENTLAND, born 1849. (See Third Generation at Blackhall)

(iv)   Robert Charles PENTLAND, born 16th August 1851. Joined the army and was made a lieutenant on 28th February 1874. On 6th July 1881 he was promoted to captain and stationed at Bradford, Yorkshire. On the 17th May 1893 he was promoted again, this time to major, in the 1st battalion of the Royal Dublin Fusiliers. He retired with pay on 14th April 189864 and in 1901 was made adjutant in the army reserve at Chelsea Hospital, London. Returned to Ireland and was living at Beaulieu (Aston Lodge, Queensboro) per the 1911 census. Following a brief illness Robert died on 1st March 1918 and was buried in Termonfeckin cemetery.

       Robert married Florence Adeli ST. GEORGE SMYTH, youngest daughter of Frederick St. George Smith of Ballsgrove House (‘The Grove’), Drogheda on 30th April 1912. They lived briefly at Queensboro but resided subsequently at 4 Eglinton Park, Kingstown (Dun Laoghaire), Co. Dublin.65 They had two daughters:

·         Florence Rebecca

·         Constance Margaret.

       Two years after Robert’s death his wife and children left Dublin to live in Bedford in England.66

(v)   Alexander PENTLAND, born 4th January 1853. He trained as a doctor and became a member of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland in 1877. Achieved an M.B. from University Dublin in 1878.67  Emigrated to Australia in the 1880s and established a medical practice at Maitland, New South Wales. Alexander was a major in the Australian Army Medical Corps during the First World War.68 He retired from the post in 1917 and was subsequently awarded the 1914/15 Star. He died in Australia on 19th October 1943, aged 90.69

       In 1893 he married Anne FARQUHARSON, from Scotland, who was matron at Maitland hospital. They had one child:

·    Alexander Augustus (‘Jerry’) PENTLAND who was born on 5th August 1894.  When war broke out in 1914 he enlisted in the Australian Army and soon found himself in trench warfare in the Dardanelles. He was stricken with typhoid fever and was shipped out, firstly to England and then, in late 1915, to his uncle’s house at Blackhall, Co. Louth for recuperation.

In February 1916 he joined the Royal Flying Corps and subsequently became an air ace by shooting down 24 enemy aircraft. He later saw action during the Second World War in the Far East. Led an eventful life until his death at Bay View, New South Wales in 1983.70

(vi)  Mary Sidney PENTLAND, born c.1854. Unmarried. Lived at Aston Lodge, Queensboro. She died on 10th February 1935 and was buried in Termonfeckin cemetery.71

(vii)  Augustus Tichborne PENTLAND, born 13th May 1857. Educated at Bedford Grammar School, Royal Portora in Enniskillen and at T.C.D.72 Gained an M.A. and became a civil engineer, eventually  with the Board of Public Public Works. By 1890 he was residing at 2 Tower Hill, Dalkey in Dublin.73 He was unmarried. Augustus died from pneunomia on 5th June 1900 and was buried in Termonfeckin cemetery.

(viii)  Mabella Eleanor PENTLAND, died an infant on 25th February 1860.74

George H Pentland and his brother Robert C Pentland c.1907
(Photo pg.19 of County Louth Golf Club - The Baltray Century 1892-1992 by C. Mulqueen)     


Third Generation at Blackhall


George Henry PENTLAND, J.P., B.A., born 29th May 1849.75 He was a non-practicing barrister and a distinguished all-round sportsman. He was an accomplished oarsman, pole-vaulter, boxer, gymnast, cyclist, horseman and golfer. He had nineteen articles published in the Irish Naturalist from 1897 to 1920 together with a brief piece entitled The Great Cross of Monasterboice, published in the 1898 and 1899 journals of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland. He also submitted articles to The Zoologist-A Monthly Journal of Natural History. He was instrumental (along with Tom Gilroy of Mornington, Co. Meath) in establishing Baltray Golf Club in 1892. He was captain of that club in 1897, 1898 and again in 1908 as well as being it’s president (albeit in absentia in England) from 1922 until his death.76 He was also the Honourable Secretary of Clogherhead Lifeboat in 1899 and was one of the first car owners in the area with a registration number IY 110.77 

In the autumn of 1922, George and his family departed Blackhall and relocated to Shalford, Surrey, England.78 The 1926 British phonebook listed his home in Shalford as ‘Clonkeen’. He died there on Easter Monday, 28th March 1932 and was buried in the local cemetery.


George Henry married Jessie Frances BARRINGTON of Glenstal Castle, Co. Limerick on 29th January 1889 and had one child:


(i)    George Charles Croker PENTLAND, born 1890. (See Fourth Generation at Blackhall)

(ii)    Mary Stuart PENTLAND, adopted daughter, born in Co. Meath in 1891. Known as ‘Miss Molly’.79 Mary was residing at Blackhall per the 1911 census. Along with her family she relocated to Surrey in 1922 and died there in 1930.



Fourth Generation at Blackhall


George Charles Croker PENTLAND, born 15th February 1890. On the 1901 UK census he was recorded at a school in Tunstall, Kent. Later attended Malvern School in Worcestershire and afterwards Cambridge.80

George served as lieutenant in the 10th Battery, Motor Machine Guns during the First World War.81 Also served as lieutenant in RAF and received the ‘1914-15 Star’ after the war.

Listed as a member of the Institute of Automobile Engineers at Guildford in 1924/25.82 

Resident at ‘The Hutch’, Chinthurst Lane, Shalford, Surrey until his death on 18th November 1969.83 

George Charles was engaged to Ursula Margaret (1890-1972), youngest daughter of Mr. J.A.H. Jameson of Kilsaran House, Co. Louth in September 1913.84 They were married the following year, on 5th September 1914.85 They had one son, who died in infancy.

George Charles was the last of the Pentlands of Blackhall.



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To Amy Hageman, U.S.A. for providing additional Pentland information and image of Major Lindsey. 

To Connie McEvoy, Termonfeckin, Brendan Hall, Dublin, Noel Ross, Dundalk, Seamus Bellew, Dundalk and Brian Smith, Piperstown for their assistance in compiling this article.

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